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Study on the Vibration and Tool Wear in Processing Difficult - to - machine Aeronautical Parts

Speaker: Jia Guangfei
Time: May 15, 2016 15: 00-16: 00 pm
Location: South Bus Terminal
Speaker Introduction:
    Jia Guangfei, male, PhD, associate professor of Hebei University of Science and Technology. July 1995 graduated from the Hebei University of Science and Technology (formerly Hebei Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), a bachelor's degree, is the year to stay in school to teach, in September 2010 was admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology of machinery manufacturing and automation professional doctoral, 2014 December . Research direction: mechanical and electrical products, digital design and manufacturing; mechanical condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. Has long been engaged in the teaching of mechanical engineering disciplines and scientific research, participation in the National 973, the National Natural Science Foundation of the project 1, presided over and involved in provincial and ministerial level scientific research project 6, editor and editor of 12 books, published 26 articles, including SCI included 2, EI included 4, the national invention patent authorization 6, the software copyright registration 1, won the school teaching achievement prize 2, Hebei Province, multimedia courseware contest first prize 1, read Ph.D. Scholarship.