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College of Mechanical Engineering in Shijiazhuang Zhongbo automobile Limited company employment practice base study

          The afternoon of November 9th, School of mechanical engineering in Shijiazhuang Zhongbo automobile Limited by Share Ltd employment practice base study.
          During the inspection, the person in charge of Zhongbo automobile enterprise development history, development advantage, development status, development strategy and development confusion aspect for the teachers and students in our college are introduced in detail, and lead the students on the history of enterprise production workshop hall, enterprise visit.School and the responsible person of the enterprise in undergraduate teaching, scientific research and development, research cooperation, students practice, employment and other aspects of the full research, established a point, step by step, the idea of cooperation together, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and in the base, teaching practice base, College students' employment practice base is reached a preliminary intention.
          Huang Fengshan that vice president of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Yin Jianping that director of the teaching and research section of vehicle engineering and Other teachers with graduate school of mechanical engineering participated in the investigation.