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Mechanical institute held the party activists party class training

          The evening of October 20, 2016, mechanical institute held the party activists dangke training courses in the classroom 103. School of mechanical engineering, vice president Wu Shengliang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and party activists gave a presentation entitled "bear the responsibility of the times, be a qualified party activists" training seminars.
         The lecture, Wu Secretary of the party's nature, history and future development are also explained in detail, combining with the current social hot issues and their work experience about the importance of that era of responsibility and establish the correct motivation of joining the party, and wish to start students from life, strict demands on themselves, adhere to the party standard, continuous culture their awareness of Party members and party spirit, to become a qualified party activists, as soon as possible to join the Communist Party of China.
           Mechanical college counselor Li Qiaoli, the party activists listened to the lecture..